Ethical Gets Easy

The Best Buy Label

A big problem I’ve had trying to buy ethically is the greenwash effect. This is when a product markets as ethical but the overall company or parent company isn’t ethical at all.

As an ethical consumer it is very important to think consciously about the trail of investment leading from your purchase. This can be difficult to do because brand names hide the true owners of each company.

As an example:

I choose to not shop in Primark because I do not want to support their cheap production of poor quality clothing because of the plethora of negative effects on the global environment and community. The Atmosphere clothing brand of Primark is owned by one of the world’s largest multinational food processing and retail companies Associated British Foods (ABF). ABF also own brands like: Dorset Cereals, Ryvita, Kingsmill, Jordans and Twinings.  So if I was to choose a Jordans cereal bar marketed by ABF as: “Jordans specialises in natural foods with minimal processing and since the launch of the UK’s first cereal bar has expanded into breakfast cereals.” I am marketed to feel like I am making a good purchase for my health while supporting a natural British product. However, now we know that my investment in Jordan’s is supporting ABF foods and therefore the hundreds of other brands and products I would normally boycott including Primark and dozens of pharma companies who test on animals. 

So this is a pretty overwhelming realisation especially when you acknowledge that pretty much every non-independent everyday brand and retailer has a dark hidden trail of investment…….but do not feabestbuylabelpurpler!

I am very excited today because I have finally had time to read into Ethical Consumer’s “Best Buy” label. This label changes everything

“It’s a unique label that looks in detail at the ethical record of the company behind the product and the environmental and ethical record of the product itself.” – Ethical Consumer

So you don’t even need to think. If you see this label then you know you are making the very best choice available to you in the product range on the market. The label covers everything from clothes to cleaning products to toiletries to gadget, gizmos and gifts. Follow this link and scroll down to see a list of Best Buy product rated companies or watch this space for a blog about my favourite items on the Best Buy label coming soon!