A not so Sunny Sunday

Fast Food: healthy, local, vegan

love to spend my Sundays in the kitchen making my food for the week. As I’m often on the go I cook a variety of large meals and freeze them into portions.

This is not a food blog but more about sharing how it is possible to eat fresh, healthy meals at an affordable price. I will share links at the bottom of the page to the recipes I have used and adapted for my own.

This blog is to demonstrate that everyone can eat fresh and healthy for less than £10.

So since I’ve been busy this week I couldn’t get to my usual Veg Market at Chrisp Street so I went to a great Indian ran veg store near Shadwell station.

For £8 I bought;

1 cauliflower, a bag of tomatoes, 2 cucumbers, 8 carrots, a big bag of mangetout, a squash, 4 cans of chickpeas and 2 cans of coconut milk.

With this I’ve made;Toasted Seeds

A thai coconut curry, toasted squash seeds, hummus with carrot ribbons and a batch of roasted veg.

The curry has 6 portions, the hummus with veg sticks will be 2 lunches and the roast veg made 3 portions.

IHummus with carrot ribbons and mangetout shopped, cooked, washed up, portioned and boxed up all the meals in 3 hours.

£8 + 3 hours = 11 meals. Plus I have half a cauliflower left, 10 tomatoes, 2 cucumbers and 4 carrots.

Healthy and fresh eating on a budget for everyone!


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