It’s blog o’clock

A journey for ethical living

Thanks for looking at my blog. This is a space for myself to record my experiences in making more ethical and sustainable life choices for myself whilst living in London. I hope this blog can also be a resource for other people on the same journey.

My ethos;

Money is voting. As a consumer we wield all the power and our purchases should reflect our beliefs. Buying Fairtrade is a vote for fairtrade. Buying clothes made by slavery is a vote for slavery.

My resources;

PEOPLE are my biggest resources. I love to learn from other people and hope to learn from more people using this blog and by following others.

EthicalConsumer is a website and magazine which I am signed up for. I receive their magazine bi-monthly and will post my new findings and open discussion here on Ethical London.

Whats next?

My next blog post will be about me and my life at the moment to give you some perspective of my current choices, then we’ll go from there.

Thanks for your time readers



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